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Yousef began his DJing quest in 1991 - after messing around on a friend’s set of decks before a night out at the infamous Shellys in Stoke…

As many DJs before him, he was originally influenced by Hip-Hop - until he developed a taste for house music. “There were a lot of local radio stations that began to play house, Hardcore and other early ‘rave’ music, and I was into this new sound.” He says. Early sets from Carl Cox and later Roger Sanchez were the first to ‘blow his head off’, whilst more recently Derrick Carter and Onionz are his biggest influences.

He has DJ’d all over the world (but not Australia – somewhere, where he has always wanted to play) in places such as Miami, New York, LA, Sao Paulo, Rio, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Paris, Madrid, Stockholm, Ibiza, Zurich, Africa, Ireland - and every major UK city… His favourite clubs include Cream’s Annexe (where he was resident until it’s recent closure), Basics, Shindig, Shine, Centro Fly (NYC), Clubland in Buenos Aires, Pacha Ibiza and The Arches in Glasgow.

Production wise, over the past two years Yousef has paired with Steve Mac (Rhythm Masters), as the Drum Bums; Their ‘I Like This’ on Dysfunktional was a big player with Rampling, Tong, Roger Sanchez and Satoshi Tommie, gaining both Radio and club support and becoming Dysfunktional’s most successful release ever.

This year they are set to release the follow-up Drum Bums release with a cut called ‘Circus Parade’, currently rocking Ibiza with DJs such as Roger Sanchez and Darren Emerson amongst others, it’s going to be jointly released on both Yousef’s newly set-up ‘Carioca’ label and Steve Mac’s Variation’ label.

On Junior Records, he has cut the first ever 10,000BC release – ‘Whatever’. Together with Paul Woolford, 10,000BC were formed in 2001 and have re-mixed the likes of Meeker’s ‘Come Together’, The Angry Mexican DJs’ ‘Rock Dior’ and Hubert Hudson’s ‘Maracana’. Yousef has also recently remixed School’s ‘If’ on Virgin Records and Tim Deluxes next track “less talk more action” forthcoming on underwater.

Yousef sites his biggest accomplishments so far as his Cream Residency – which he held for two years, providing an antidote of jacking house music to the main room of trance. His Radio 1 residency – which has seen him fill the much sought after Friday 9-11pm slot along with Lottie and getting signed as 10,000 BC (with Paul Woolford) to Junior Boys Own. Other achievements include winning the Best Breakthrough DJ award at 2001's Muzik Awards, mixing DMC’s 2002compilation album, writing a monthly column for Muzik.

On September 14th 2002 Yousef began promoting his own monthly club-night Circus, held at the Masque Theatre in Liverpool. The night, which will celebrate it’s first birthday in September is now a huge success. He built up Circus for himself to play in Liverpool and in doing so he has attracted the likes of Sneak, Darren Emerson, Erick Morrilo, Josh Wink, Groove Armada, Tim Deluxe, Jon Carter, Lottie and many more to join him behind the decks.

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