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Silicone Soul

Silicone Soul

Craig Morrison and Graeme Reedie are Silicone Soul and they are known both as a respected DJ team, and for their stellar composition and production of deep and emotive house music.

As Craig says “Our sound is more developed and cohesive than on our last album, although we don¹t have any set ideas before entering the studio we have tried to make an album of music with a vibe running through it rather than a house album”

It has been 5 years since Silicone Soul conquered the world with their stunning homage to Curtis Mayfield, ‘Right On!’ which truly deserves the classic accolade and propelled the boys into the UK top twenty.

As Craig points out “Right On! did well and that took us by surprise a little ... we definitely believe in not compromising our music, so instead of perhaps trying to do similar tracks to ‘Right on!’ we decided to take time out and get our own vibe and sound together in the studio and see what happened - basically like we have always done”

Since then they have released their second album ‘Staring Into Space’ and have been working non-stop. From Djing around the world with residencies Darkroom Dubs(Glasgow) and La Terrrazza (Barcelona), to building up their Darkroom Dubs imprint, remixing and putting together a new studio to develop the Silicone Soul sound.

"We're influenced by a lot of different styles of music" says Craig, "From that Jamaican Dance Hall vibe of the '70's, people like Lee Perry, Gregory Isaacs, King Tubby and Augustus Pablo to funk, soul and disco, people like Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, The Temptations and Sly & The Family Stone right through to the Wild Pitch sound, DJ Pierre, Felix Da Housecat, the classic Chicago sound, Basic ChannelŠI could go on forever."

Although they list punk and rock n' roll as their early influences, bands such as The Stooges, MC5, Hendrix, The Stones, The Clash and Glasgow's own Primal Scream, they were converted to the house sound of Glasgow by Slam in the early Nineties and since their early releases on Soma they have been refining their unique deep groove.

Debut album ‘A Soul Thing’ was a lauded by critics upon its release in March 2000 and established Silicone Soul as one of Soma¹s most prominent and popular acts. Since then the ‘Staring Into Space’ album has taken their music to a new dimension, incorporating live instrumentation and vocals, while their recent Darkroom Dubs Volume 1 compilation CD is filled with highlights of their own twelve inch label.

Their trademark liquid house and tight beats are a universal feature in Silicone Soul’s sound; fused with hypnotic, dubbed out grooves and a marvellous musicality and substance that prevails throughout.

Silicone Soul follow up the success of last years ‘Staring Into Space’ album with their new long-player, ‘Save Our Souls’. This release will come in September 2006.
‘Save Our Souls’ is Craig Morrison and Graeme Reedie’s third album for Soma and their most accomplished work to date. Their unique sound has developed over the years to incorporate live musicians and instrumentation, now they have incorporated their own vocals for the first time to excellent effect.
Fans of Silicone Soul will appreciate that they have not strayed from their true house style, in the process crafting an enthralling journey that encapsulates dusky grooves and deep, creeping discofied numbers.
The first single to be released is 'The Snake Charmer', this future classic is full of eastern promise and has already hypnotised DJ's and club kids everywhere with its enchanting rhythms and ethereal flute melody.

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