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Maison DJ

Sean Holbrook


Starting with a burning desire to share his music collection with any one who would listen, it was a foregone conclusion that Sean would end up as one of the most up & coming "backroom" DJ's in the country.

His love for the broken beats, twisted house & a chunky groove has got many a dancefloor rocking. Not one to be labelled to a particlular sound, Sean's sets can comprise some of the finest moments in beatz / funk / house, but they all maintain one thing... a solid groove!

Sean's DJ career is fast becoming a success story. Since taking up his first residency aged 17 & being 10 years deep on the decks with an ear for all things funky, his trademark sound being........?

Sean can deliver a truly awesome 'backroom' set that will take you on a journey into the finest moments of what we call dance music today. In a set, Sean can create a melting pot of all sounds, that all twist & blend together, giving you no other option but to dance! Recognised as a part of the future eclectic Nu Breed, Seans sets have gained praise from the likes of Danny Howells, Dave Chambers & Ashley Casselle. As a solo effort, as part of the 'Simple Crew' Sean is on the way up & nothing is getting in his way.

Through his Simple nights, a series of bank holiday events in Oxford with an open music policy, warm vibe & sexy crowd. The foundations have been laid for Sean & best friend Nick Gladwin to take Simple to the next level. A weekly radio show on Mezz Music (Saturday Simple Social) with 75,000 listeners, a fortnightly club night in Oxford (750 Capacity) called 'Aural Pleasure' & bookings for DJ sets countrywide coming in.

A self confessed Groove Addict, who wanted nothing more than to share his music with the world. Sean got the ball rolling by moving to Manchester to start a label called "Dorigen Music". The label kick started in 1999 & is still going strong to this day. Some of his A&R highlights included classics "Raincry" & "Phoenix" by Scott Hardkiss & Bedrock anthem "No Beast, So Fierce" (Moonface Remix) by the leaders of the nu - skool 'Koma & Bones'. Whilst running Dorigen, Sean alongside his partner in crime 'Lazlo Panaflex' took up the production honours as 'Moriaty' & 'Hoodrats'. Both pseudonyms giving them great success, as Moriaty they released the deep / tech monster "Pressure 1 & 2"with a remix of Jondi & Spesh's "The Sway" & a remix of Denis Christopher's "Synergy" as the 'Hoodrats'.

Since leaving Dorigen last year, Sean hit London town to live his dream of setting up another label, but this time having more direction & consistency. So "Undercurrent" was born, a diverse underground label that has brought us the likes of 'Chab', 'Nato', 'Moricoco' & 'Raff N Freddy' to name a few. With it's musical boundaries pushed back, Innovative House Music as a concept & label direction facing forward the label has found a place in the hearts of many a DJ worldwide as one the leaders of the UK house scene.

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