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Richard Scanty

Scanty AKA Richard Marshall returns to the floor with a AAside 12.Two bruisers that are guaranteed to move the floor. January 2002 saw Scanty (then known as Scanty Sandwich) crash into the charts with the number 3 hit 'Because Of You'.


Life hasn't been quiet for Richard since though. The past 2 years have seen Scanty DJing around the world, including worldwide tours supporting Darren Emerson, Fatboy Slim and Howie B amongst others, playing UK and International dates for Big Beat Boutique, Creamfields and the Free Jazz Festival in South America. He's also been keeping up the pressure on his writing and producing. Last year he had 2 underground hits with 'Las Vegas' and 'Get next To The Opposite Sex'. Both were caned by worthy DJ's globally.

Southern Thing' kicks off this package. Banging from the onset, it captures the spirit of Scanty's live performances. A chugging kick drum underpins the action, peaks, troughs and a vocal taken from Hall & Oates' 'I Can't Go For That'. It's a biggie. 'Buenos Aires' starts with the mantra "Put your hands up in the air, put your hands up in the air". You can't argue with that now, can you? Jacking and dark, 'Buenos Aires' is a belter. One for peaktime floors.

Scanty's album is in the pipeline, and most of his time is spent in the studio at the moment. Signed to Norman Cook's Southern Fried Records, Scanty is a producer and DJ with a great pedigree. Previously he's recorded with Owen Pinnock (Ten Bar) as Grand Larceny. 'No Time For Playin', released through Urban Hero Records in 1996 became a huge underground club track which was later remixed and picked up by Norman and signed to the label. This wasn't the first time that support had been found with a top line jock. The notorious dancefloor anthem '7 Hours In A Bathroom' , this time under the guise of Chopper saw Richard get one of his tracks to the top of Carl Cox's 1998 best tunes chart. And on the disco cut-up tip, Richard, together with DJ Mark Rowley, created 'Gentle Touch', the Patrice Rushen sampling monster that became Paul "Trouble" Andersons Loft classic of 1998.

Welcome back Scanty.

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