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Justin Robertson

Justin Robertson's role in the evolution of house music shouldn't be understated. Be it as DJ, producer or even the occasional top 40 pop star Justin's role in dance music remains fixed as that of both enthusiast and constant innovator. Justin's elevation to the position of one of Britain's most respected DJs and musicians began in Manchester back in 1990 with the seminal Spice night.

A geographical counterpoint to Shoom, it has long since become an acid house reference point for those seeking to write history down.

This underground success was followed by the higher profile 'Most Excellent'; another legendary night where the young Chemical Brothers were first spotted cutting a rug on the dancefloor.A sweaty, hedonistic affair 'Most Excellent' was held back from the clutches of out and out narcosis by Justin's legendary turntable skills. Remember, if you can keep your head while all about are losing theirs...

'The Rebellious Jukebox', Justin's next venture originally started as a laugh for a few mates to share the pleasures of the sort of records you only listen to at home. A bit of Curtis Mayfield, Northern, Larry Levan, Dusty Springfield, hip hop, Studio 1 and Coxone 7"s. Now just add booze. The night inadvertently became the blueprint for a new kind of backroom club as events drew an eclectic showcase of sounds from folk like Andrew Weatherall and David Holmes. 'The Rebellious Jukebox' in time became the inspiration for Heavenly's infamous 'Sunday Social' as well as countless other well respected roots clubs around the country.

In-between these successful pioneering clubs Justin was also finding time to play all around the country and across the globe. In Britain he regularly thrills crowds at, Shindig in Newcastle, Sankey's Soap in Manchester, Mono and the Red Box in Dublin. Now, of course, he enjoys a residency alongside Dave Clarke at Bugged Out! which is proving to be one of the most successful underground music nights in the country boasting stars ranging from Daft Punk, DJ Sneak, Roger Sanchez, Carl Cox to The Chemical Brothers in its line-ups. Abroad, he rocks crowds from New York to Tokyo, from Sweden to San Francisco, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, New Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay with his customary deck skills and unique combination of techno and house sounds. Whether at a 500 capacity party or a 10,000 person festival Justin never fails to rock the crowd.

Naturally all this experience has made Justin a seriously sought-after remixer. His CV includes remixes of Manic Street Preachers, Happy Mondays, Bjork, New Order, Placebo, Smoke City, A Guy Called Gerald, The Stone Roses, Suede, Erasure and The Stereo MC's. One of his early remixes was for Chemical Brother Tom Rowland's previous band Ariel which has now become a tasty little addition to any vinyl junkiešs collection. More recently The Chemicals brought the relationship full circle by getting Justin to remix the outstanding 'Music: Response' from their last album. The mix brought the mid-tempo track to a whole new dancefloor crowd.

In addition to this there has been Lionrock the band which toured around doing festivals and tours with the Cocteau Twins and The Chemical Brothers, scoring a top 20 hit with the infectious 'Rude Boy Rock' following on from previous hits like Packet of Peace, Tripwire and Carnival.

The last couple of years has seen Justin's workload get even more intensive. By way of acknowledgement of his consistent killer performances at Bugged Out! The club asked Justin to mix their first CD. The result was a tough but funky blend of house and techno both underground yet accessible, like the club itself. The reviews came in strong as ever. More recently Justin mixed an album for the Distinctive crew who introduced a new mix series called 'Imprint' opening with Justin. Look out for a new mix album for 2003 from Justin out later in the year.

Years of scouring round record shops for obscure funk and soul 7"s led Justin to form a firm friendship with Dave Hill from Nuphonic. The relationship has been further cemented by Justin being signed to the label under the name Revtone. The Revtone sound was once again a marked departure for Justin. Taking his cue from the disco-fied New York sound of late 70s Talking Heads Justin weaves in melodic techno influences to create an intriguing new sound.

Of late much interest has been made of Justin's track 'Ruckus Juice' for Shine's new label as well as remixes of his Revtone singles Everpresent and The Brightest Thing by Black Strobe and Chicken Lips respectively. Justin's also been busy on the remix front with recent highlights being mixes for Chicken Lips, Felix Da Housecat, LHB and Wally Lopez.

Although techno and house will always remain a constant in Justin's life he has a new musical direction up his sleeve under the name The Situation. Keep your ears to the ground for a 7" and a new London club of the same name due to open sometime in May.

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