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Dave Chambers


As with most things, the rise and rise of Dave Chambers has been anything but conventional. A self confessed hip-hop and breaks freak since he was knee high, Dave's transition into one of the countryıs most exciting DJs to have emerged in the last three years has taken a roundabout route.

Having moved a grand total of two miles in the first 18 years of his life Dave, a born and bred Manc, then proceeded to move steadily further and further away until he wound up in Australia, which is about as far away as you can get without going into orbit. Happily for him, it's only been his career that's gone interstellar and with his hobo days behind him, Chambers is back for good. In common with many of his contemporaries, 26 year old Dave is amongst the second wave of artists who grew up within a burgeoning but still embryonic dance scene of the early '90s. Weaned on Stu Allen's legendary hip hop shows on local Manchester station Key 103 before the house explosion hit, Dave's musical CV reads like a who's who of Manchester clubland. Tunes heard on Sunset FM, picked up in Eastern Bloc and danced to in the Hacienda- classic names from a classic era and fundamental in shaping Dave's musical direction. Which promptly lead him to Leicester and university. Never one of the nation's hottest nightspots, Leicester none the less gave Dave his start as a DJ.

Beginning as the resident for all his matesı student parties, Dave's inexhaustible enthusiasm saw him playing wherever and whenever he could. His slot on the University radio station transformed it from deadly dull to party central, not least because Dave unilaterally decided to extend their hours of broadcast way past the curfew. When he wasn't playing, and studying hard as all students do, Dave's venue of choice was the famed Venus in nearby Nottingham, which was just about the best club in the country at the time and certainly the best in the Midlands with the world's most talented DJs on almost constant rotation. It was a case of watch and learn for Dave who was now sold on pursuing a career in music. He had no option; it was what he was born to do. With university over, Dave opted to stay in Leicester for the next three years and took on a succession of soul destroying odd-jobs as he figured out his next move and waited for a break that he knew would come eventually. And it did, but not in Leicester.

With things starting to stagnate, Dave decided to add a second string to his bow and moved back to Manchester to begin an Msc in Clothing. From there he was sent to London for work experience with 3rd Planet, a marketing agency whose clients included a certain club by the name of The Ministry Of Sound. Guess where Dave ended up working? With a foot in the door, our ever gregarious hero wasted no time in introducing himself to just about everyone, combining handshakes with a couple of strategically placed tapes. Once listened to, it was only a matter of time before someone picked up on him. Even on cassette it was obvious that there was an outstanding talent in the building; a couple of weeks later that talent was rocking Ibiza. Invited over by then Ministry tour manager Danny Whittle, Dave Chambers was the talk of the island; and not just amongst the clubbers.

Throughout the Summer of 1998 tales about this new kid on the block kept finding their way into the music press, not least via Jon Carter and Derek Dahlarge who both very publicly stated their admiration for Dave as a DJ and all round good fella. Back in London at the end of the Summer Dave was immediately signed up by the Ministry who took him all over the world before handing him a prestige residency with Frisky, their renowned Friday night. After years of sheer bloody-minded determination it looked like Dave had cracked it. And then just as things were going good, they got better. On his travels with the Ministry of Sound, Dave had gigged out in Australia, on the same bill as Tall Paul. As ever Dave played out of his skin; the general consensus was that he had stood his illustrious counterpart toe to toe. Amongst others, he caught the eye of Mark Broadbent, the main man of home's Sydney operation, whose stunning setting was about to make it the most talked about club in the world. It was only natural that home would want music to match and, in February 2000, Broadbent took Dave out to Sydney for a six month stint as resident that cemented Dave's position as one of the brightest talents in either hemisphere. What has consistently set Dave apart musically is not just the immense funk with which he plays but also his peerless technical ability. Always a great believer in skills, Dave's hip-hop and breakbeat background, along with years of constant practice, have made him an accomplished cut and scratch merchant, a rare commodity amongst house DJs although he's equally adept at long mixes that layer the creeping, hypnotic rhythms that typify Dave's sound.

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